Pinarello dogma f8 disc rim clearance ?
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    Pinarello dogma f8 disc rim clearance ?

    I need your help regarding the max rim clearance for Dogma F8 Disc. I am currently abroad travelling and i like to buy a new pair of wheelset for my bike but I don't know what is the max rim clearance that my frame can accommodate. I was looking to buy a ROVAL CLX 50 with an outer rim width of 29.4 mm. Does anybody know if this will fit or not?
    Also i what tubeless tire can i put of 25mm without getting bigger?
    Many thanks
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    I wud measure where you are at now with your wheelset, where you stand with clearance and height.

    Then do the math...

    I found that with my current frame, using traditional wheels and tires Iíd be okay with clearance.

    Went with 24mm rims and 25mm tires.

    Ran out of room in the rear.

    Literally only thousands or an inch of clearance. Made me hugely scared whenever I picked up something on the tread... quick hand/glove wipe... but those are totally annoying...

    Went to a newer caliper designed for bigger tires... new Ulregra 6800ís.

    It really comes down to what you can engineer to work.

    So Iím fitting 700/25 Continentalís with a 24mm rim wheelset on an older frame.

    Works like a champ...

    As long as the rest of the equipment is okay with it.



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    So what Iím sayin is...

    Itís not hard to calculate what will fit...

    Donít EVER rely on what the interwebz sayz...

    Every build is different/unique...

    What works for you wonít necessarily work for me...

    Do the math...



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