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    Pinarello FP3

    Talk to me about the Pinarello FP3. I'm currently riding a LeMond Beunos Aires, and while it's a pretty good steed, I'm looking to upgrade. I'm heavily leaning towards the FP3 with Fulcrum Racing 1's, full 7900 groupo (compact) and a couple of additional upgrades (such as an Antares saddle and a FSA K-force compact bar)

    The riding I do here in the Tokyo area (specifically in the western mountains) involves a lot of climbing and some nice, fast descents. I'm simply looking for a comfortable, do everything ride that will be lighter than what I'm on now (my LeMond is about 19 lbs.), will be a good climber, and will handle fast sweeping descents will confidence.

    Of course, a comfortable, all-day-in-the-saddle ride will be a good thing as well. From all I've seen and read, the FP3 is right up my alley.....and it's looks great to boot.

    Thoughts from other FP3 owners?
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    I recently considered the FP3 on my shortlist of potential new bikes. I ended up with a Wilier Izoard. I cant say much about the FP3 because I was never able to actually ride one. Had I, maybe I'd have a different bike, but I can only say phenomenal things about the Izoard and advise taking a look at least.

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    Enjoying My Pinarello FP3

    Quote Originally Posted by E 12
    Thoughts from other FP3 owners?
    I just picked up a new Centaur equipped FP3 last week and put in a couple hundred kilometers so far.
    A little background... I'm 5'-10" and 155 lbs, never raced but road biked for 35 years. I've done lots of touring and road rides and enjoy the weekend metric-century group ride. My previous bike was a mid-70's steel lugged, campy record equipped Raleigh Pro with Dura-Ace wheels and clinchers that I must say has served me well.
    I upgraded my FP3 from the factory to include the Most XLR (Selle Italia SLR) saddle, Most Thundercat ergo handlebar, and Campagnolo Zonda clincher wheels - otherwise all stock with Keo pedals.
    First impressions are "wow" the FP3 is light years ahead of my Raleigh - as expected with 35 years of technological improvements between them. However, I'll try to provide some objective feedback...
    The bike is not an ultralight. With two bottle cages and pedals it tipped my bathroom scale at 18.3 lbs. Ride quality seems plenty rigid and responsive, but also smooth and not at all punishing to the rider. I took it up the nearest hill and found it to be a worthy climber, not surprising given the 5-6lb weight reduction from the Raleigh. More impressive was the descent where it's Prince-like geometry produced a thrilling combination of confidence and excitement. I backed off at 55+kph but the bike felt very stable and clearly wanted to go faster. To quote another reviewer "It tracked like it was on rails." On the flats it does what it's told comfortably and easily. Power transmission seems very efficient - the bike just wants to go! Handling is stable without feeling heavy and never felt "twitchy".
    For me the aesthetics were also a factor. When you buy Pinarello you pay for the brand name, but you are also buying top-notch finishing and IMHO Italian design that is some of my favorite cycling eye candy. I wanted a bike that is beautiful and functional. The FP3 doesn't disappoint me, and not surprisingly, I've had people stop to admire and ask about the bike on every ride.
    The 2009 Centaur gruppo is performing admirably and I love the new ergo levers! The braking is excellent. I ride on the hoods a lot and find a finger or two on the top of the lever is plenty under almost all conditions. I love the ergo bars, and with the ergo levers mounted high on the bar it creates a wide 'table' to rest my palms on comfortably with a smooth transition on and off the hoods.
    I heard mediocre reviews of the stock Chall aluminum wheels, and - gave them a pass. The Zonda wheels look great, roll smooth, feel rigid under torsional stress, and while it's too soon to report on durability, others have given them decent reviews.
    For what its worth, I toured the Pinarello factory in Treviso, Italy recently and saw firsthand their quality control and attention to detail. The FP3 frame (like other Pinarello CF frames) is made by Torayca in Taiwan. Once received in Treviso each frame gets a thorough inspection, numerous alignment checks using custom jigs and is meticulously finished in their new paint/decal shop area, and assembled. I've heard reports from Prince owners that the FP3 rides similar to the top of the line Prince. I've not ridden the Prince, but I suspect the fact that Pinarello only sells the FP3 complete - and not with Campy Chorus or Record gruppos - is to avoid cutting into Prince sales. After all the frame geometry is identical for a lot less money.
    Anyway, happy shopping, and whatever you buy - enjoy the ride!
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    I bought a FP3 with a mix of Dura Ace and Ultegra a few months ago and it's my first road bike. The only thing I have to compare it to is the bikes I took for test rides and my mountain bikes that I have. I've been riding mountain bikes for 20 years and just got into road riding with the FP3. For test rides I rode the Specialized Tarmac Expert and Comp and thought it rode better and had a better component group than those bikes.

    After 500 miles so far, I'm happy with the bike. The only thing I think could be better is a rear hub that not so loud. The buzz from the Most freehub is louder than my mountain bike hubs. The Continental ultra sport tires aren't very good and the bike should come with better tires. These tires pick up quite a few pebbles and debris and fling them. They aren't very resistant to punctures either. Changing to better tires is the only change I plan to make unless something wears out. The Chall wheels otherwise work well enough for me since I only ride for fun and fitness. So far no loose spokes and they are still running true. One other thing is that the warranty could be longer compared to some other brands, but hopefully I won't need to use the warranty.

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    I test rode the prince and found it to be impressive. FP3 has the same geometry but is heavier. I want to buy frame only and since they dont come that way, I never test rode it. The fit on the prince was the best I have found in a stock bike though.

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