PressFit Bottom Bracket Issues
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    PressFit Bottom Bracket Issues

    I have a PressFit BB that I'm having issues with. Here's some background. I have about 3000 miles on the bike and bought it brand new. I do check bolts and bearings regularly and even keep a maintenance log. There have been zero issues with this bike, and the Di2 makes it almost maintenance free. Early last week I was riding and noticed something come loose. It felt like the rear hub at first but I quickly noticed it was the BB. It's at the shop now and the non-drive side BB / shell interface has like 2mm or more of slop in it. I don't think it can be fixed without replacing the frame.

    Has anyone else had problems with pressfit BB on Scott or other brands?
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    Not a Scott, but I've had enough problems with pressfit BB's that I've gone back to threaded.

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    I agree with JoelS ... the only BB that I've ever had major issues with is the "Press Fit" BB's.

    I have standard threaded, BB30's and Press Fit BB30 ... the Press Fit is a pain, creaky and is all around a horrible design. I'm sure somebody will try and defend it, but the reality is compared to other designs it's an inferior design ... but does allow a little more flexibility.

    When you get it back ... You can try the Praxis adapters, which appear to provide a tighter fit and possibly less problems down the road.
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    Thanks Wookie! Looking up the Praxis adapters now. Hope also has a threaded press fit that looks like it would solve some of the issues. I'm honestly thinking about going back to a high quality steel or ti frame. Something like a Serotta, or a custom builder. I can't go back to mechanical after Di2 so really that's the only thing stopping me right now. If Scott does replace the frame and can see selling it and getting something metal.

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    Keep in mind that with Di2, wiring is normally passing through the BB area, and there needs to be space for the wiring and a shield between the spindle and shell/adapter.
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