Hi. Anyone race crits on a Cyclocross bike?

I have just built up my "dream" bike (Fondriest) that I won't race crits on (afraid of crashing it)-therefore, I was going to build up a beater/crit bike (Basso Gap that I got for real cheap, was going to put Veloce on it). Also, I have purchased a cyclocross bike (Cannondale Cross 800, with carbon fork/canti brakes) that will be my fire-road/commuter/cross-race/rain bike.

After thinking about it, I started to wonder if I need the Basso beater. Basically, I would ride my nice bike when the weather is decent (it is so nice, why ride anything else?), and the cross bike in crap weather. I would probably use the Basso only for racing crits, but is seems silly to have a bike around simply for racing crits, especially when I am really not a crit specialist. I do enjoy them, and can do okay, especially on hilly crits. I am not a good sprinter, but can ride strong tempo and climb well.

Therefore, would it be a good idea to forego the whole Basso build and just ride the cross bike in crits? How would it handle? Like I said, I am no crit specialist and will be racing Cat 3 next season-80% of my races will be road races/20% crits. I don't want a bike that handles like crap and would be a liability, yet I don't have a lot of storage space to justify another bike that I don't ride much.

What do you think?