Currently, I ride a Giant OCR carbon frame for recreation and longer rides, and itís very fast and fun. Iím looking to buy a second bike for running around town and potentially some light bike touring. However, I really like the speed and responsiveness of my road bike and donít want a heavy hybrid flat bar commuter bike. My budget is around $300-500 for a 5-10 year old used bike off Craigslist.

My ideal bike would be a road bike with a slightly more relaxed/upright geometry, slightly sloping top tube, drop handlebars, Shimano shifters, a decent number of gears, takes 700x28 tires, with eyelets for racks. WSD wouldnít hurt. Ideally under 25 lbs, so Iíve mostly been looking at aluminum frames because I canít afford high quality lightweight steel. I donít need a touring specific frame, just something versatile that isnít theft bait. It seems like endurance frames might be the best option for me. Have seen some recommendations to look at CX and gravel bikes as well.

A couple Iím considering are the Specialized Dolce and Giant Defy/Liv Avail.