Scott Addict vs Scott CR1 vs Felt Z25 ?
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    Scott Addict vs Scott CR1 vs Felt Z25 ?

    I think I'm down to these. Hoping to purchase this upcoming week. All I'm looking for is great performance and comfort :-)

    On the short rides I've been able to do from shops I'm leaning towards the Addict. Clearly a bit better performance than the CR1 or Z25. However, concerned that I could be pretty sore after long rides on patchy roads thus the CR1 or Z25.

    BTW, I'm 51, 155lbs, was Cat 1 in 70's. Mostly doing fast club rides, may do some road races. Currently riding my son's aluminum REI Novara w/ 105. Previously rode Raleigh Team Pro 531's. Any comments/recommendations on how these ride and compare would be greatly appreciated.


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    I'm not a racer, but am a little older than you (56) and ride a lot. Contrasted to you, i'm in the best shape of my life. You probably won't equal your condition of your 20s, I would imagine 8-).

    I rode a Cannondale CAAD7 for several years. It is not only a full-on racing frame, it is aluminum. I was quite comfortable on it.

    I bought a Felt ZC frame this year and am very happy with it. (probably the same frame as the Z25 - althought that Z25 is probably an 09, not '10?). There were two reasons I did the change. I wanted to get a little more height in the handlebars and wanted to try a carbon frame (at 56, if not now when??). I believe the Felt Z is very similar in general geometry and dimensions to the 2010 CR1 and I also looked at similar frames - Synapse, Spec. Roubaix, etc. The only reason I picked the Felt is because my favorite local dealer sells them and he gave me a good price.

    I'm fining the Z frame to be better suited for me in two ways. First, it's easy to get the bars up closer to the saddle height and this is best for me. When I want to get low, I go to the drops (which are also much more usable for me now), and if I want to get very low, I bend my elbows. I have absolutely no "speed loss" with this frame geometry. I definitely feel better - fresher- after 2-3 hours.

    On the other hand, I could get the handlebars much lower. I could not only put the stem right down by the head tube (I have it nearly 40mm above), I could get a more angled down stem. So for me, in my 50s, I have no doubt this bike could be as racy as I would ever want it to be. Would a 20 something elite racer be happy? Probably not, they'd want another couple of cm lower I'm sure (which is the difference in head tube height between the Cannondale CAAD and the Z).

    Interestingly, there is no significant differences in the seat tube and head tube angles between the CAAD and the Z. I wonder if the same is true for the Addict and the CR1 or Z?

    On the other end, you could probably get the addict as comfortable as you need and are likely much more flexible, strong and fast than me, so your preferences could be much different.
    I don't think that helps, but there you go!

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    Cycling Plus has a bike of the year review. Out of 50 bikes, their top bike in a range of about $3-$4k is the Cannondale Six Carbon 105. The other top four are the Felt F3, Bianchi C2C Inifinito, Scott CR1 Pro, and the Storck Scenario 1.1. The Addict wasn't among the reviewed bikes. The C-dale and the Storck were rated 10 and the others 9.

    I have an Addict R3 that I just love.

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