Stradalli vs. commercial brands.
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    Stradalli vs. commercial brands.

    Trying to see what people's experiences are with the Stradalli line of bikes vs. say specialized, trek, etc.

    I have ridden the new roubaix with the shocks which I like very much. I am an old guy who has a pinched nerve and needs a gentle ride as upright as I can be on a road bike. But I came across Stradalli, which looks to have great prices with very good reviews. Hard to believe I can get an all carbon bike with dura ace 9k for 2600! Specialized Di2 roubaix is going to set me back at least another 1k than the Stradalli. OTH, i am getting specialized from a local dealer, who will fit it, repair it, etc. Strdalli , who knows.

    I spoke to them on the phone today, he said this line was made to be very comfortable, curved stays absorb shock etc. No idea if true or not. I am going to be in FL, so might just swing by their factory.

    But hoping others who have looked or bought can give me their opinions.

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    Their 'factory'? Cough cough. Pretty sure that's not a factory. I built a bike for one of their female pro racers a few years ago...I'll just say I wasn't impressed at all. Neither was she. Don't they say they make the frames with '3K weave high modulus (which they misspell) carbon? You can't and wouldn't want to make the entire frame out of 'high modulus' carbon.
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    Pretty sure Stradalliís factory is in China, not Florida.

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    They're open mold carbon frames, and from what I've seen, not really great ones at that. Some people seem happy enough with them.

    For what you're talking about, look into what Lynskey offers as far as builds. A nice titanium endurance frame might be right up your alley, and their pricing isn't completely out of line with what you can get in carbon.

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    Stradelli uses open mold frames, but are their frames bad? any abnormally high bad reviews on their frames? Surely they can't be as bad as the hongfu and dengfu and there seem to be plenty of people using those. So before we all go blasting Stradelli, let's provide ample evidence, and don't just give me a few stories on the internet of someone crashing and breaking their frame either, because i can also easily find plenty of negative anecdotes of brand name frames too.

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