Tarmac SL4 vs Emonda SL6 vs Solace vs BH Ultralight
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    Tarmac SL4 vs Emonda SL6 vs Solace vs BH Ultralight

    Moving up from a CAAD10 that I've had for a couple years. Not looking for an 'endurance' bike or a race bike. More like an all around bike with Ultegra 11 speed. I've ridden just a ton of bikes and these are still on the podium (plus one!)

    My quick reviews and opinions...
    Was surprised on how nicely the Tarmac SL4 rode, I rode one of the first Tarmac's several years ago and thought the ride was harsh and not that dialed in. The SL4 changed that.
    The Emonda is just really sorted out. Great ride but stiff and climbs great. Almost didn't try it and I'm very glad I did.
    The Solace was also a surprise, it's smooth like an endurance bike but feels and fits like a sport bike.
    The BH is another bike I didn't really think much of until I took it for a spin. Pedals great, smooth and just a blast to ride.

    I honestly think I'd be very happy with any of them. I like that the Emonda and Solace have the full Ultegra component group, but I can pickup a 2014 Tarmac Comp that would be several hundred less than the others. They all feel great but I might say that the Emonda 56 might be the best fit. My favorite bike of the group seems to be the one that I'm currently on, lol!

    Also, I usually trade up every 2-3 years so the resale value of the bike does make a difference. And at least in SoCal it doesn't seem like Scott's or BH's hold their value quite as well as Specialized or Trek's.

    Any input is welcome especially if you have experience with these bikes.


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    Buy based on fit and component value. I think once you get into the carbon frame bikes the brands do not really matter much. If your climbing a lot, look for a light weight bike, if windy and flat, look for aero performance, but otherwise it's hard to go wrong these days

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr645 View Post
    Buy based on fit and component value....
    FWIW: Any of those bikes can be set up to fit the same by choosing the appropriate frame size and components and subsequent adjustment.
    ... 'cuz that's how I roll.

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    ... and factor in which LBS you want to deal with.

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