Thinking about an ISP

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  • 04-22-2019
    Thinking about an ISP
    I'm thinking about buying a Giant TCR SL. If I buy one used, and the ISP is too long, but it has already been cut once, can a shop cut it shorter?

    Giant's website states "you can add a small amount of height with an ISP but canít remove it once the post is cut"

    Are they saying that the ISP can't be cut a second time, or that it's simply impossible to cut off 3mm, but cutting 20mm would be reasonable.

  • 04-23-2019
    I would think there would be a 'do not cut beyond this point' line and it's currently cut above that it wouldn't be any issue to cut more. I don't know Giant's very well, but it's worth taking a look. Or calling a Giant dealer.
  • 05-02-2019
    You can cut more. I used to have an 2016 TCR Advanced SL. It had a really stiff ride, even over bumps. My '15 CAAD has a nicer ride. I sold it because I didn't like the ride, and that was a tough sell with ISP. It took me 2 months to sell it. I rode the regular Advanced model and the ride was really nice. I was told that the carbon is supposed to be better on the SL though. Take it for a decent test ride before buying.