Trek Crossrip Comp or Boardman CX team
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    Trek Crossrip Comp or Boardman CX team

    Hi everyone!

    I am here to kindly ask your opinion on these 2 bikes, the Trek Crossrip Comp 2014 and the Boardman CX team.

    I am quite new to riding, though i used to do a lot of mountain biking some years ago in my home country. At the moment i intend to buy a new bike and one that it's versatile and let me ride in winter, in some roads where pavement it's not so good and possibly some off road. I don't intend to race, but i intend to do some long rides and use it for training.

    I am asking you a more experienced opinion on these 2 bikes: specs, brand, etc.

    Feel free to suggest any other bike, though most likely i will pick one of these related to availability in my area.

    Here are the links to the bikes specs:

    Trek Bicycle

    Boardman Bikes : CX : TEAM

    Would love your insight, since i am kinda new and don't understand some differences in the components.


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    Opinions? Really need some guidance.


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