Urgent sizing help needed - Lynskey Helix
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    Urgent sizing help needed - Lynskey Helix

    I have a potential very good deal on a Lynskey Helix frame, but I'm not 100% sure on the sizing and hope that someone with experience could help.

    First off, the frame is a Lynskey size small - 52.5 effective top tube length, 50.7 actual. The headtube is 13 with the standover height being 74.9.

    Now, I'm kind of in between small and medium looking at Lynskey's geometry. I currently ride a size 54 Cervelo R3, and I feel that it fits pretty good with minimal spacers and a 90mm stem. I'm just barely 5'8" but unfortunately do not know my cycling inseam.

    I talked to the seller and he stated that he also rides a 54 Specialized (didn't mention model) and felt that the Lynskey seemed to fit "big".

    How much should I be concerned about this size difference? Does anyone have any experience with the Helix in terms of sizing?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated as I think this is a relatively time-sensitive deal. Oh, and please don't post simply to tell me that the Helix tubing is a gimmick....that's a whole 'nother thread (and has been done before).

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    If your R3 fits correctly, you could fit the Helix. The Helix has a 74 seat angle vs the 73 on the R3, which effectively lengthens the top tube length by 1 cm - that is to keep your saddle position relative to the bottom bracket is unchanged. Now you have a 53.5cm effective top tube and could get a 100mm stem.

    The concern about a smaller frame is the head tube length and if you can raise the bars high enough. You say the R3 has minimal spacers, but length is that? You will need at least 10mm spacer to make up the difference in head tube. If you already have 30mm of spacers on the R3 (and depending on the stem angle), you might want to get the next size up.

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    Concour with Veloduffer - your stem is so short on the Cervelo that the shorter TT on the Lynskey may be a good thing.

    A 13 cm head tube is not short - if the bike had a level top tube it would be a 55cm frame. If by "minimal spacers" you mean nowhere near 40mm, then there should be no issue getting a good stack height. At worst, you'd just need a stem with some upward angle to it.

    I'd say it's a go. I'm surprise how short your stem is on the Cervelo, but I'll just assume you have somewhat longish legs/shorter torso which would explain it. The Helix is a neat bike.

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