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    Quote Originally Posted by battler2 View Post
    This is where I disagree, and it's something that defines Australia. Over here we really don't care about qualifications and supposed experience, as long as you can do the job you're hired.

    However, the key point (which you mention), is some industries are regulated by academic qualifications and mandatory certifications and others are not. That's why I'd also call you a professional social worker and volunteers, just volunteers.

    Bike mechanics are not. Why? Because it's not that complicated. It doesn't need regulation because there's not a lot to bugger up. Would you want to take your wheel into the shop every time you needed to change a tire? How about adjust your brakes, by aligned pads or rotating the cable adjuster? Some need help, some need don't. I don't. However, give me a bike with disc brakes, I'd say: I'll get back to you. Because I'm not there yet. Maybe some 'professional' bike mechanics wouldn't touch an e-bike either.

    I hope I don't have to go that way, and I don't think I will because as I mentioned before, consumer law protects me from needing to do that. I'll give him another few days, send another email requesting proper measurements. If I get no reply by the following week I'll have to contact consumer affairs in Victoria.

    I'll weigh up other options after that.

    I don't know if it was damaged in transit TBH. There wasn't any physical damage or scratches on the frame (just the decal, which could have been sloppy application). Very close visual inspection indicated one of the stays was welded at a slightly different angle, but I'd need to take it to a frame builder to confirm (probably by measurements at the welds). I have good eyes but maybe not THAT good.

    Wouldn't mind finding out the Lynskey hierarchy TBH (If I need it), any other emails of people that work there? CEO? edit: Thanks @CharlieUnicorn, rules that out I guess :/
    I'm absolutely certain that someone can tell you you're stupid at least a dozen more times. As I said, in my experience frame misalignment doesn't act that way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Kunich View Post
    Yes it would and those old steel bike would sometimes be WAY off but the cornering though slightly different was enough to bother with.

    I do not think that this problem was with alignment. Or telling him he doesn't know what he's doing or that he used the wrong tool or any other stupid argument.
    This website has gotten pretty slow, but I don't think responding to a five year old post is really passing on much knowledge. I'm somehow guessing that the guy has resolved the problem by now and moved on.

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