weight differences between carbon and aluminum steerers?
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    weight differences between carbon and aluminum steerers?

    I'm in the market for a new fork for my ride and was wondering if the monetary differences and mechanical difficulties associated with carbon-steerer forks is really worth the weight savings? By mechanical difficulties I mean, things like cracked steerers due to improper torque, inappropriate stem designs, etc. Aluminum steerers are pretty well idiot proof in this regard, with a few exceptions. I'm looking at purchasing an Easton EC70 fork with an aluminum steerer. Easton's website and weightweenies.com list the weight of this fork with a carbon steerer right under 400 grams, ~385 or so. So what I'm asking is how much more do you think the same fork with an aluminum steerer will weigh? Has anyone ever done any experiments with this, weighing two forks of the same model with the only difference being steerer compostion? My modest estimation would be that the aluminum version might weight around 30grams more. What are your opinions?

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    The Bontrager XXX Lite fork uses an alloy steerer and it comes in at around 370 grams (listed, but from everything I know it seems to be an accurate number) and the added benefit of alloy is you can use a star fangled nut instead of a compression plug which saves an additional 15 to 25 grams for the package. The Bonty fork is the lightest fork I am aware of that uses an alloy steerer by the way. Price for it should be around $350.


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