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I bought a Endurace CF SL 3 weeks ago. It came as advertised. There were only a couple of things I had issues with. The handlebars were only 42 cm & the stem only 110 mm on a size large. It was very uncomfortable, so I changed out the 42 bars & installed 44s from my broken Giant Defy Advanced Pro. That made all the difference.

The bike is supremely comfortable & eerily silent. The front end is very solid with the 1 1/4 steerer tube & the through axles. I rode a metric last weekend & had no problems. The bike is very responsive, handles like a race bike, & is an excellent climber. There's very little concession made from a full out race bike. If I was young & racing again I wouldn't hesitate to use this bike. I'm very happy I bought this bike.

So, I'm loving it so far, but then I just bought it so you should take my comments as initial impressions. I've only ridden it about 200 mi. Maybe I'll post about it again after I've been on it for 1000 mi or more.
I've ridden the Canyon a bit over 2700 miles now & as promised I'm back with a longer term review. I've had a lot of bikes having ridden for 56 years as an adult. Many years ago I was a cat 2, I've done tons of club & solo riding & I've toured. The last 2 bikes I owned were a De Rosa Nuovo Classico & a Giant Defy Advanced Pro. The Giant broke in a bad crash. I still have the De Rosa which has about 60,000 miles on it. Everything is, of course, IMO, & I think the Canyon is the best bike I've ever owned. It's quite a good climber, rides like a Buick, & handles like a full out race bike. I wouldn't trade it. I hated the bars it came with, & the 110 stem was way too short for me. The bars were easy to replace & I already had some 44s from the aforementioned Giant that I liked a lot. The stem was harder because the Canyon has an 1 1/4 steerer. I ended up sending the 110 back to Canyon in exchange for a 130. At 1st I liked the Fizi'k seat, but after 1500 miles or so it started to get uncomfortable for me I think Fizi'k makes a wide model of this seat & I might try it in the future. In the meantime I put my well broken in Brooks on. I wasn't enamored of the satin blue paint, but I'm getting used to it.

I've found Canyon to easy to deal with-polite & accommodating. The bottom line is I'm very happy I made this purchase & every time I throw a leg over this bike I like it better.