Wheel upgrade or Bikes Direct/Frame upgrade
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    Wheel upgrade or Bikes Direct/Frame upgrade

    I could use a little advice. I have an 06 BMC Streetfire SSX with 06 Campy Chorus and Campy Scirocco wheels. This is my first bike with Campy components and although it works perfectly, I am somewhat missing my Shimano group. I don't like the fact that I have to change my hand position to shift up each gear on the rear shifter. Or down on the front for that matter. Also when standing on a climb or sprinting, I don't feel as though the ergos give me as good of a grip as the Shimano, but I am sure I could adapt over time. I also have a standard 53/39 crank and am used to a compact. Another issue is that I have had the same wheelset that comes on the Motobecane and loved it. I am considering selling my complete bike and buying a Motobecane le Champion because I have had the same FSA SLK compact crank, Ultegra 20spd group, and the American Classics 420 wheelset all on my previous bike which was a Specialized Tarmac. I loved the components, but the frame/fork (lack of steerer) put my neck and hips in an uncomfortable position. My bike and components only have about 200 miles on them so I figure I would come out cheaper by selling it/buying the Motobecane/and possibly buying another BMC frame to switch the components over to. I think this would be less of a hassle than trying to sell and collect individual parts. I would just like to hear someone else's input on this idea. Thanks.

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    If you like the BMC frame then there seems that there would little advantage in selling it and looking for another one.

    It is not discussed much, but often 10 speed Shimano and stuff is fully compatible with 10 speed Campy stuff.

    The cheapest solution might be to sell you campy brifters and replace them Shimano brifters. I suspect they would work fine as is but worst case is you add a Shiftmate.

    I would think you could get as much or more for your Campy stuff than you would pay for 105 or even Ultergra stuff new.

    Also, if you do decide to buy a new bike over the net be sure to ask how much steerer tube will be left. I think most of the bikes come with a limited amount. I suspect the Moto would have as much or more drop than your previous bike.
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