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    More carbon fiber please!
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    May 2004
    The plastic welding on my bikes looks great!'05 Giant NRS C1 & '06 Giant TCR Advanced
    '68 Schwinn Typhoon

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    Squirrel Hunter
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    On the road again

    Quote Originally Posted by skizzle86
    ...origin of your bike frame.
    My frame became a bike frame on the road being ridden. Prior to that time it was just a pile of metal hooked together in a pretty pattern.
    Luck is the intersection of preparation and opportunity.

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    They all work, no defects, I like riding them. Pretty sure people
    made them somewhere. How many seconds does it take for
    the water in your bathroom sink to drain?

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    Japan, Redwood City, Switzerland (eBay).
    Japan, Redwood City, Florida (RBR classified)
    Japan, Redwood City, Colorado (Craigslist)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Hickey
    France and Japan
    Me too!

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    One from Saratoga Springs, NY.

    One From Madison, WI.

    One From Miese, Belgium.

    One from LaVerne, CA.

    One from Japan.

    One from Eugene, Oregon.

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    Huffy made in Ohio.

    Stella made in France.

    Rocky Mountain made in Canada.

    Scott made in Taiwan.

    Rawland made in Taiwan (Midway)

    Schwinn made in Chicago.

    Gary Fisher made in Japan, I'm guessing. It's Pre-Trek.

    Raleigh made in Taiwan.

    Fuji Saratoga made in China.

    Fuji Monterey made in Japan.

    Cannondale made in US.

    Trek made in US.

    I know I've missed a few....
    Other countries need to stop hatin' or we'll unfriend them. - Christine

    Apparently I left my reading comprehension glasses in my ass. - DrRoebuck

    Still, it felt great and I felt like I was sitting on some kind of vibrator -Touch0Gray

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    1 brazed in Japan steel from Britain - maybe
    1 welded in Somerville MA steel from Britain and Italy - maybe
    1 welded in Waterford WI steel from TN - maybe
    1 welded in Taiwan AL from ?

    As long as the bike functions as well as you want it to, does it really matter?


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    Formosan Cyclocross
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    Tainan, Taiwan... from Hodaka

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    Look 585 - France (Tunisia, actually)

    Cervelo S2 - China.

    My next bike is going to be a Lynskey. So, that one will be Tennessee, USA.
    2013 Giant Anthem Advanced X29.

    2008 Look 585 - Great Bike!

    2010 Lynskey R230 - Comfortable!

    2015 Giant Defy Advanced SL 0.

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    Devoid of all flim-flam
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    Time -- France.
    Colnago - Italy (from the year no sniping!)
    Somec - Italy
    Tomac - Colorado.
    Mapie is a conventional looking former Hollywood bon viveur, now leading a quiet life in a house made of wood by an isolated beach. He has cultivated a taste for culture, and is a celebrated raconteur amongst his local associates, who are artists, actors, and other leftfield/eccentric types. I imagine he has a telescope, and an unusual sculpture outside his front door. He is also a beach comber. The Rydster.

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    Merlin - MASS
    One of the last frames to come out of their MA site...doors were locked one week later...sold to Litespeed.

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    Look - France/Tunisia
    Casati - Italy
    Tommasini - Italy
    Cannondale - USA
    Bianchi - Taiwan? China?
    Panasonic - Japan
    Peugeot - France

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    Atala- Italy
    Vitus- France
    Kuota- China
    Centurion- Japan
    Fisher- USA

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeebus
    My primary road bike was built in Chehalis, Washington. I get sad every time I drive past Chehalis off of I-5.

    But now I live in a town where Sacha White and Chris King are building bikes.

    So you have a Klein?


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    haole from the mainland
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    Chattanooga, Tennessee (Merlin)

    USA??? for my steel LeMond

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    Number 2 on the course.
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    Quote Originally Posted by laffeaux
    I'm not so concerned about where it's built, but I do prefer bikes that are built by a person that cares that he's actually building a bike. In a small shop the welder is very likely working there because he wants to build bikes. At a larger company it's much more likely that the welder is there to earn a paycheck - it's not important that he's welding a bike, a chair, a gate, or anything else, he's just there to weld. Although, I'm sure that it's not always the case.
    See, I want my welds done by someone who is there to weld. Ideally, I would want every aspect of creating my frame to be handled by someone who was utterly devoted to every nuance of that particular process. Fitting a bike and welding, for example are completely distinct skill sets. I am sure there are people who can do both, and there are many bike builders who design and fabricate frames. That said, I would not begrudge someone for only doing the welding, or assume that they do a lesser job because they aren't more passionate about joining bikes than joining furniture (if I take the meaning of your post correctly).

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    All my bikes were made in the Boston, Massachusetts area.

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    La Fuye, near Tours, France

    That's easy: all of them come from La Fuye, near Tours, France.

    I even visited the kind folks who built them.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Where did your frame come from?-photo.jpeg  

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    I have a 2004 Opera Giorgione, that was welded and painted in Italy. I can't speak for the fork or carbon chain stays though.
    I care where my bike was made and who made it. As an owner of an Opera I feel a connection to the history of cycling both great and humble. I know that my bike represents a great tradition of craftsmanship and beauty. Now I also know the workmanship on my frame is not perfect. I have seen much better welds on American bikes. But my experience is that anything which is perfect was not made in Italy. Would I ride a bike made somewhere else? Yes and I have but the only bikes I have ever regretted selling were the Italian ones. My bike is not an appliance, my car, toaster and computer are appliances. When my bike becomes an appliance the passion is gone and I promise to take up golf. I frankly feel sorry for you if your bike is just a tool.

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    2 from Waterford, WI (Waterford RS-22 and Schwinn Paramount)
    2 from Chicago, IL (Schwinn Paramount and Schwinn Super Sport)
    2 from Taipei, Taiwan (Schwinn Sprint and Schwinn-Montague M1000)
    1 from London, U.K. (Brompton M6L)
    1 from Durango, CO (Schwinn Homegrown Factory Full Suspension)
    1 from Palo Alto, CA (Brazed by me under Tim Sanner's supervision)
    my bikes

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    3 from California
    1 from Italy
    1 from Belgium
    1 from Taiwan

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    Mar 2002

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    my px 10

    came from my neighbors back yard that i call the bike hell, my px 10 had beed in that back yard longer than i have been alive, i "custom" restored it and now it is a beatiful and great riding bike. it looks like the bike tommy simpson died on (all white, no chrome) but it had the chrome, black lugs and white main when i got it. it was in terrible condition

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    i guess I already posted in this thread, whoops

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