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I don't mean to hijack this thread, but are you saying that all the 2015 BMC models (at least the ones you mentioned) are all sold out? Is this in the U.S.? I am looking to buy a new bike and was considering a GF02.

So there already going to release 2016 models?! I wonder what, if any changes they'll be. Probably just a price increase.
It depends on the size. I was able to get a GF02 at the start of April. However, I needed a 51. I would have had no problem with a 54 and that's what I get for most brands but the 51 fit better for this bike.

BMC was out of that size and the Pacific port strike had really screwed them up. The store contacted their BMC rep and he was able to get the bike shipped up from 2 states away. I had my bike in my size within a week.

I saw that same rep at a BMC demo this past weekend and he told me that they can often do deals like that one to make sure the customer gets the bike. The demo by the way was for 2015 models so I wouldn't expect 2016 bikes until after the Summer. They were taking orders and selling them.

Best thing to do it just ask your bike shop about availability. They were able to look it up easily on their computer system for me.