BMC SLX01 - seat post problem
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    BMC SLX01 - seat post problem

    I have chance to buy BMC frame model SLX01, but i have one big problem - this seller which have this frame don`t have seat post to this frame. It`s not normal seat post. It`s rly rare model 73.5mm and I try to search this model in all places. I ask my local dealer about this seat post and he told me that model is out of stock in manufacturer. It`s rly big problem because this seat post be in some english shops like evanscycles but I predict that is the same situation which in my country. Still out of stock. Anybody can help me ? I search on all websites like ebay, aliexpress or something and i can`t find even some staff to replacemant that seat post. Sorry for my bad english but i think that you can understand my intentions. Help me if you can please, because i rly want to buy this frame.

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    I honestly wouldn't even consider the frame unless you can find TWO seatposts to buy. I have a late 2012 SLR01, and I had a seatpost crack after one year of use. I've always used a torque wrench too, so that wasn't an issue. It was under warranty, so had it replaced right away (I also worked for the dealer at the time). Since then, I was also able to pick up another replacement on ebay for only $50, just in case it ever happens again. I love the frame (I set a 300-mile Wisconsin state record on the bike in 2012), but I would think again before ever buying another frame with a proprietary seatpost.

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    my lesson has been that sometimes you want an alu post instead of the carbon especially if you have a lot of post showing. I too shy away from custom post frames, because maybe, just maybe I'll need a stiffer alternative. With custom shapes, I'm screwed, with 27.2 round I go Ritchey.

    This of course does nothing to help the OP. Sie ma Wojtek. Did you try calling BMC in Poland yourself? Maybe the dealer isn't trying hard enough?

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