Let's see your BMC!

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  • 05-27-2014
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    My new road bike for the year, 2012 BMC street racer. Got a good deal on it as NOS. So far just added shimano pedals,Garmin500 and a set of Cycle logix 50mm carbon clincher wheels and a selle seat. Probably do a carbon frame build next winter.
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  • 06-01-2014
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    Here's mine...2012 RoadRacer SL01. I'm a Trek Madone convert...loving it so far.

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  • 06-03-2014
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    Here's mine...2012 RoadRacer SL01. I'm a Trek Madone convert...loving it so far.

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  • 06-04-2014
    Very nice combo! What made you choose SLR02 over SLR01? I Plan an SLR01 SRAM Force build in the next 2 month.
  • 06-05-2014
    Mid-life update.
    New bikes have come and gone but my Pro Machine stays with me and lives on - I don't think I will ever tire of the unique frame.
    Since its maiden appearance some time ago there had been a few refinements when this photo was taken - original Easton fork replaced by Enve 1.0 fork (big handling improvement), narrower and lighter SMP saddle, Ax Lightness Morpheus cranks and THM Fibula brakes replaced the Dura Ace original items and LW tubulars swapped for LW clinchers.

  • 06-08-2014
    ^ one of my all time fave pro machines, great job on that one.

    makes me seriously consider painting my 2011 team machine
  • 06-11-2014
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    Attachment 296631My BMC SL01 2011 finally done.

    Thanks to uncrx2003 for the seatpost. Fast and Comfortable ride. Ride BMC.
  • 06-11-2014
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    My BMC SLO1 2011 finally done.
    Thanks to uncrx2003 for the streampost.
    Fast & Comfy, Ride BMC.
  • 06-11-2014
    NEO Dan
    Gold chain looks "right" on that bike, IMO one the few... :thumbsup:
  • 06-11-2014
    That's a nice looking machine!
  • 06-19-2014
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  • 06-24-2014

    Originally Posted by element battler View Post
    Hello ladies and gents,
    Picked this 2014 SLR02 up just over a week ago. Removed the 105 and sold it to recoup costs, and put my fsa bars on. Had to get new wheels to accommodate the Force 22, but what the hell I just came back from a gulf deployment and had saved for this occasion.



    Initial impressions are that the downtube is fat and overall the bike is very stiff. Many times I have crested a hill and gone to shift to the big ring only to find I was there all along! Still sorting out my positioning and I have fixed the silly saddle angle since these photos were taken.

    That's a very nice build man. Well done.
  • 06-24-2014

    Originally Posted by 107us View Post
    Here is my BMC TMR02

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    Very nice.
  • 07-08-2014
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    Got this bike for 2 months now as an upgrade from a 2012 BMC Roadracer with SRAM Force. Originally came with a 105 drivetrain. Stripped the bike and left the frame, fork and seatpost. Sold everything and replaced it with a full Ultegra Drivetrain, Reynolds Assault Limited, 3T Ergosum and ARX Team Bars/stem and a specialized toupe pro saddle. Was able to trim down the weight from 17.6 lbs (stock) to 15.5 lbs with Speedplay X2stainless pedals. Put a couple of 3T bottle cages for the finishing touch. Definitely well worth every penny!Attachment 297721
  • 07-08-2014
    Really nice looking bike!
  • 07-08-2014
    Thanks sir!
  • 11-15-2014
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    Let's see your BMC!
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    My new BMC SLR01 2015 😄
  • 11-18-2014
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    ^ Very nice! Did you do your own build with the frameset?

    My new 2015 SLR01 Ultegra. Just swapped the stem, saddle, and bar tape.
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  • 12-01-2014
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    2014 GF01 Disc. Wasn't into discs on road bikes, but I'm starting to get use to them.
  • 12-09-2014
    One of my good riding buddies just picked up a new whip... and I took some photographs for him.

    2014 BMC TMR01



    Frame: 2014 BMC TMR01

    Components: Shimano Ultegra 6800
    Crankset: Shimano Ultegra 6800 53-39
    Rear Cassette: Shimano Ultegra 6800 11-28
    Pedals: Shimano Ultegra 6800
    Brakes: BMC integrated road design
    Saddle: Fizik Arione R7
    Seatpost: BMC P2P aero post
    Stem: 3T ARX 2
    Bars: 3T Ergonova
    GPS: Garmin Edge 510
    GPS Mount: K-edge
    Bar Tape: Fizik Superlight soft touch tape
    Wheels: Zipp 404 Firecrest Carbon
    Tires: Continental Grand Prix 700x23c
    Bottle cages: Elite bottle cages
  • 04-10-2015
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    Blast from the Past!
    My buddy got a SL01 back about 8-9 years ago. He rode it a few times, didn't like it, tore it down, and the frame had been sitting in his garage since. I got it from him with it covered in cobwebs. After cleaning it up, the frame was basically new. I build it up with parts I had lying around. The only things I bought were the handlebar, cable/housing, and grip tape. I've only taken it around the neighborhood so far, but the brief impression is that the bottom bracket is stiff as a steel girder, but the ride is very nice with the carbon seat stay. The handling is sharper than my laid back titanium frame, but not twitchy at all.

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  • 10-06-2015
    I've had this for two months now and am really, really enjoying it.
    The FSA stem is a spare box item which I had laying around, that's the last part that glares back at me and says "g'head swap me!". I'd like to get either EA70 Easton to match the Easton EC70 bars, or something more squared off to match the frame shape.

    Clip on the left of stem is a mount for my Cygolite, I have it tucked under the bars when on.

    Have always wanted to do old school logo tape and this was the time to try it out. I think I'll go black lizard skin next time.

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  • 11-01-2015
  • 05-10-2016
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    Here's my contribution to the thread.
    2015 Granfondo 02 with HED Ardennes FR.

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  • 05-23-2016
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    Some new wheels for my 2012 SL01.Attachment 314297