Talk to me about Granfondos
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    Talk to me about Granfondos


    I'm looking for a Endurance bike that I can take on the gravel too, plus a bit of lightweight touring.

    Have a SLR01 which I love, no doubt. But there's no way I'd chip it up by taking it off road.

    Saw a GF02 disc in a shop today. This is the aluminium version with the carbon forks?

    How different would the ride be between the carbon and aluminium models? Would one material be more suited to a type of riding to another. Sometimes I like to do 500km in a day. Which material is more suited?

    I note too the aluminium version has eyelets for a rear rack. The carbon version does not?

    See that framesets are not that common to buy online. Is a complete bike with 105 the best way to go?

    Thank you


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    FWIW: I've taken my SLR01 on dirt and packed gravel many times. With the limited tire width and sharp handling, it's loose or soft surfaces that are the main limitation.
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    Maybe consider the Salsa Warbird or GT Grade too?
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    The alloy GF can take some very wide tires. They ship with 35 mm. That's the big difference in my mind. I've test ridden the 2014 GF02 and it feels like a heavier version of the carbon bike. If I was ridding gravel I would have gone with that bike.

    There are few gravel roads in my area but lots of destroyed and crumbling asphalt. For that I'd still rather have the carbon even with the 28 mm tires. I'm very happy with the carbon GF02 they came out with for 2015 and glad I waited for that instead of getting the aluminum.

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