Seat Post Question
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    Seat Post Question

    I have an early 2000s Chorus Seat Post. This is the "flattened" top section version, SP-10CH.

    Having trouble finding the instructions/documentation from Campy and I am fitting a new saddle and wanted the seat rail clamp torque recommendations.

    Then I found a technical manual from 2011 with a carbon seat post but with the same metal hardware at the top. These instructions called for a minimum seat rail clamp torque of 18Nm with a max of 22Nm. Also eye-opening was a warning to "never lubricate the fixing screw".

    Your thoughts?

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    What is your main concern, the saddle or the seatpost? As long as you are not using any non-metal rails, these values should be fine. But I would slowly ramp up and check as you go. I had a 2004 Record seatpost and never checked the torque. It was a big bolt and I don't think one can overtighten with a typical length hex key.

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    I always just snugged it up with a 6mm hex key (the longer variety. Now though, I was replacing the saddle and thought it would be good to consider the torque requirements. I was surprised to see the 18Nm min and 22Nm max (that's pretty high) as well as I never saw a warning not to lubricate the clamp screw.

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