• 09-06-2014
    SRAM/Shimano 11 speed freehubs and cassettes with Campagnolo 11 speed shifter and RD
    According to Lennard Zinn and others, all three brands cassettes work well with all three brands shifters and rear derailleurs. This appeals to me as I would like to combine a Chorus drivetrain with a 11-32 SRAM or Shimano cassette to get the gearing I prefer for hilly rides.

    I wonder if anyone has tried such a combination and agrees or disagrees with Zinn's conclusion. Also I wonder if the Chorus RD can handle the 32 tooth cog though only rated for 29.
  • 09-07-2014
    I came to the conclusion recently that Campy's "max sprocket" listings are not a theoretical max, they are simply listing the largest Campy cog available.

    The ultimate largest cog that will work is also determined by the dropout and hanger specs on the bike. That's why there cannot be a hard number. A Campy RD may clear a 32T sprocket - depending on the frame.

    The other issue is total chain wrap and here it's more definite - for a short cage 33T is pretty much the absolute max. If you want to run a 11-32, that's 21T already leaving 12T for the front difference - not enough for most combos. Therefore you are going to need a medium cage - and not available in Chorus. There is an Athena long cage RD available however which will work, still with the caution on the 32T clearance issue though.
  • 09-08-2014
    Thanks. Good point about the chain wrap limit. 36/46 or 36/48 CX chainrings with the 11-32 rear would work well. I am also considering going with a White Industries VBC crank, so I could choose from a wide range of chainring options.