• 03-20-2010
    Will combining an 11-25 with 12-29 11speed work???
    Some people with more knowledge than me were discussing this. Is it something that anyone has tried yet? What is the likelyhood it will work, I'm thinking 95%?

    I'm ready to buy a couple cassettes and try it but it would be better if someone with a bike shop who has these things in stock would try it first and tell me...please.
  • 03-20-2010
    It will work acceptably, but perhaps not perfect. I've mixed an 11-25 with a 12-27 to create an 11-27. The 12-27 is identical to a 12-29, except for the last 3 cogs. The only shift that will be less than perfect is the 15-17. The mixed cassette puts a 15A cog next to a 17A. If you look at a 10 speed 11-25, the proper sequence is a 15A next to a 17G. That should mean that there is some difference in the tooth timing.

    I've found that the 15-17 shifts may be a little harsh on occasion, but it's tolerable.

    Oddly enough, when I tried mixing a 12-25 with a 13-29 10 speed to create a 12-29, that same 15A-17A shift worked poorly.


  • 03-20-2010
    Kinda sucks to lose the 16t, tho'. That just-released 12-29 won't work for ya?