• 09-22-2011
    early witner, early spring riding...tires

    Got a Giant OCR2 that I will be converting into my 'winter beater'/bad weather bike. I was wondering what you guys do in terms of tires for riding into December and for early spring rides? There will likely be salt on the road at those times of year, but not any accumulated snow. I'm a bigger guy and I'll be concerned about traction/grip, so I was thinking about a bigger tire, say 25 or 28 with some knobs or traction of some type. Thoughts?

    I'll probably be using an older set of Mavic Ksyriom Equipes as the wheelset....

  • 09-23-2011
    Let a few PSI's out and use whatever tires you already have. Have you already checked your tire clearance to see if there are any knobby tires that would fit? I wouldn't worry too much about salt/sand. ice on the other hand.......
  • 09-23-2011
    I just ride my regular tires (vredestein tri-comp 700x23's), same PSI.

    Obviously I ride depending on weather and road condition. I ride when the roads have been cleared and when the sun is full out (usually day or two after a snow storm).

    Purchase Crud Roadracer 2 fenders (light) to keep the drivetrain and yourself clean in case you have to ride beside melting pile of snow.

    Also it is worth the effort to rinse off any salt and re-lube the bike after every ride, beware of ice forming on your driveway though.

    One thing I would suggest is using camel back for water and keeping the hose inside your jacket. Water bottles would freeze immediately.