2018 CAAD12 widest tyre?
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    2018 CAAD12 widest tyre?

    Is 28C the widest tyre that will fit on a 2018 CAAD12?

    I'm looking to change the wheels to something with a 21mm internal width and was hoping that a 28C tyre would fit, if not a 30 or 32.

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    I rode with someone on a CAAD12 today, running 28s. I think he could have handled 30s. It was suggested 32 might fit, but it would be tight!

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    I had schwalbe ones 28mm on my rim brake caad12 . Wouldn’t have fitted anything wider. They are a wide enough tyre prob about 29mm in reality though . Anything wider would have rubbed

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    Thanks. I'll see how a 28C fits.

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    Don't think 28mm tires will fit with 21mm rims. It will be a very tight fit if they do. Your tires will probably rub your chain stays on climbs unless your spoke count is at least 28, preferably 32. A low spoke count wheel will flex more on climbs and definitely rub.

    I have a 2014 Cannondale Synapse Carbon with 28mm tires and 18mm rims. The chain stay clearance is only about 3mm on each side. I run a 32 spoke rear wheel. When I ran a lower spoke count wheel, I had rubbing on climbs.

    I believe the CAAD bikes have less clearance than the Synapses.
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