Hi everyone!

I am torn apart between those two guys. I do triathlons during summer and enjoy some hill climbing once in a while. I'm facing two options.

The story: I ran into the Ar5 by surprise and I really liked the aggressive design and was pleased to hear that Felt actually did a good job in general with bikes (for some reason I had an (unjustified) bias about the Felts).

But then, the S2 was standing there, looking at me, and so now, I'd be curious to hear the opinion of fellow cyclists/tri-aficionados...

Both are pretty polyvalent bikes with similar geometries. I read the Felt had some wheel flex issues from time to time and the Cervélo, well, I'm not really fond of this kind of argument but, it's a Cervélo.

Should it be this:

Or this:

Thanks in advance for your insight!