Very Strange Cable Runs on 2009 S3, No?
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    Very Strange Cable Runs on 2009 S3, No?

    So I am building up a new 2009 s3 frame, and i am perplexed. To route the shifter cables, I go down through the top tube and then need to attach cable to ics-2 and tighten. Now here is where I get confused. I am supposed to run both cables blind through the down tube?
    Once I get the cables through (some pointers would be great), it seems like they will rest directly on the carbon. I would hate for the cables to saw my frame in half. Am I crazy?
    Finally, next to the exit for the cable, there is a beautiful hole maybe 1/4" in diameter that seems to serve no purpose except maybe to let in rain and salt and create one hell of a mess for me.
    Am I missing something?



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    The Cervelo website has a good video showing the proper routing for the cables on your bike. It is the same as an S2 cable routing also.
    They do a much better job showing it, than I could ever do. It is not horrible to do, but it is also not a normal cabe routing. Sure looks clean though.

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