• 07-13-2004
    Beware Possible Trek 8000 Scam
    I have some reason to believe that i am in the process of being scammed by Douglas Weischedel who's ad is still running on MTBR for a Trek 8000 priced at $700
    Unfurtunately its been a while since i've bought a bike over the internet and i think i was a little relaxed on my duty to verify him as a solid seller.
    I sent him a USPS MO for $650 (he had agreed to drop the price cause the bike wasn't selling) and once he confirmed he had gotten the MO and the bike was sent he no longer replies to e-mails. The bike was supposed to be in last Wed (7/7/04) and theres no word since.
    I have sent him e-mails with a few threats, and actually have a friend living an hr from his address outside of L.A. who may go knock on his door.
    Does anyone know if its possible to call local athorities in his town and have them show up at this guys door and question him?

    Anyone with advice please feel free to lend it, thanks

    Chris :confused:
  • 07-13-2004
    Wire fraud is a federal crime, so you could contact the FBI, but don't get your hopes up. Chances are that $650 only constitutes misdemeanor fraud, not really enough to warrant a lot of law-enforcement action. You can always sue him civilly, but then he can always refuse to pay.

    The moral of this story is: Never pay with a money order-it's the same as cash!!!
  • 07-14-2004
    The Guy Came Through
    My fears of being ripped off were eased yesterday. The guy selling the trek is completly legit, we just had a round of bad communication on both sides and things have been cleared up. Thanks for the info though