While looking for a bike this weekend I turned in seven or eight scam auctions. For some reason eBay won't delete auction 7148583645 which will be over Monday morning. In this particular auction the auction states to contact them at the email address listed in the body of the auction text and do NOT contact the eBay user ID.

The same guy had three different items from three different eBay ID's listed. I contacted two of the users who said their eBay ID was hijacked and they thanked me for telling them. They had to delete the auctions themselves.

The third auction, number listed above, is still running. This ticks me off. I guess I shouldn't be an eBayer if I can't take the heat so I'll cancel my ID this week. Does anyone have a "scam buster" eBay ID they can use to jack up the bidding to 10 or 20 thousand dollars? It's just the principle of the matter that makes me mad.

eBay promptly deleted most of the other scams but not the one above. By the way... I know this is a scam because I contacted the person at the yahoo address and he was in UK and only accepts Western Union money wire.