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    Quote Originally Posted by Douglas711 View Post
    I asked him what he would be using the Surly Long Haul Trucker for Downhill or Cross country. He replied downhill.
    Or maybe "if you are over 4'11" this may be too small? ;)
    Quote Originally Posted by Robt57/Me!
    Everything you read that I post is just '1' guy's opinion, try to sort it all out best you can. ;) I will try to add value in my posts, if I miss the mark please let me know using a little decorum.

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    Clearly he deserves the bike and I should give it to him. Hell he has bigger balls than I to do downhill on a Long Haul Trucker.

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    Seller Beware!!! I just received a message regarding the sale of my road bike. His email address is [email protected]. This is a cashiers check scam!! Here is the message I received from him: Hello ,
    I'm really glad with the content of your mail,Thanks so much for
    everything, Please help me take proper care of it because I believe by
    now it belongs to me.I am okay with
    the price and condition of the ITEM..Please DO NOT respond to anybody
    again .About the shipment,I will take care of that myself.. I shall
    contact a shipping company
    that normally does that for me.I shall pay in US Money order or
    Cashier Check that will clear into your account within 24/48 hours
    before will can proceed on the shipment
    immediately after it clear you will deduct your own cost and transfer
    the rest of the fund to the shipping company in order for them to come
    for the pickup of item to take
    place in your location... I am really glad that you want me to get the
    ITEM and my family will be happy also when I get it,Because i
    really needed it for presentation Please email me back today. I'll
    need your data for the check, viz;
    FULL NAME.......
    ASKING PRICE............
    ZIP CODE.........
    PHONE NUMBER.........
    Please mail me today to let me know I am the rightful owner...and also
    to let you know that the payment will be issued out within 48 is my phone number
    for more details...Thanks for selling to me..well am located in 20722
    Delta Wood Trail Humble, TX 77346 USA....

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    Similar to the above from [email protected]

    The same email address shows up on midwestguntrader with a bogus check comment. He also didn't reply when I asked for the screen name on RBR.

    Am happy you still have it for sale ,i also have my local pick-up
    agent resident to pick-up, but that we be after when i sent you the
    payment by my client via USPS and the payment received clear deposit
    and withdraw clear cash by you,now i want you to email me with
    following information such as your.

    {1]your Full Name on Check .
    [2]Contract Address,State ,City ,Zip Code
    [3]your phone number.
    Last asking price .

    You So that payment can sent without any further delay ,the payment
    will out by my client postal Money order or Certified check , Bank
    before the shipping will be done by my picker,i await your payment
    info today.

    My Regard .

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