Here is another fake Ebay transaction that I received from a seller........
(Note)...I have many Ebay username so I can combat scammers..........
He only want $1100 for a brand new Litespeed Ultimate bike (wtf, that bike cost like $5000)
This scammer is so dumb, he even offer to ship the complete bike from France for
free using 2-day express UPS....You know how much that cost???? Here is the
transaction as stated...................

Congratulations dorlund!

Dear dorlund,
You have agreed to purchase the following eBay item from nvarrato ID Verify (W Tom- Montpellier, France) on Aug-31-04.

Note: This transaction will be recorded with your buy/sell history, on the appropriate section, within three business days from payment confirmation. This measure is taken in order to prevent any unfinished transaction being registered.Current transaction is an addendum to item listing # 3696709985

Litespeed Ultimate Titanium Road Bike - Item # 3696709985
The seller requires you to pay for this item via : Western Union

***Both the seller nvarrato and the buyer dorlund are protected by eBay. Safety Department will cover up to 90% from the specified amount $1100***

Payment details:
Item price: US $1,100.00
Quantity: 1
Subtotal: US $1,100.00*
* Including shipping charges

After verifications we confirm the seller contact information.
[email protected]
User ID:
Woodhouse Tom Andrew
Montpellier, 34095
1, Rue des Pertuisanes
Registered Since:

Payment instructions from the seller:
All you have to do is to go to your nearest Western Union and send me the money. From Western Union, you will receive a number (MTCN - Money Transfer Control Number), you must send me that number as soon as you have arranged the payment so I can see if the transaction is arranged. For shipping I use UPS Express shipping 2 days and I will pay for the shipping costs.
Here is my Full Name and Address where the money should be sent:

First name : Tom Andrew
Last name: Woodhouse
Address : 1, Rue des Pertuisanes
City : Montpellier
Zip Code : 34095
Country : France

As soon as the payment is confirmed send an email to [email protected] . I will proceed with shipping and provide you with the tracking number when available.

Note:The seller has been sent a separate email to confirm this sale. Don't forget to leave feedback after the sale is complete.

Important: Please do not respond to this email as your reply will not be received.
This email contains confidential and privileged information, and is legally protected from disclosure.

Listing details:
Item name : Litespeed Ultimate Titanium Road Bike
Item number : 3696709985
End date : Aug-29-04
Seller :

nvarrato : [email protected]
Buyer : dorlund : [email protected]

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