Own a piece of history! Handmade in Petaluma, California!

Well, recent history, built by a classic bike builder and innovator, who retired this year and is no longer building bikes.

I had Bruce Gordon build me this bike - a 2014 "Rock n' Road Tour" touring bike (steel frame, 53cm); used it for one trip of 750 miles, during which it performed beautifully, and have stored it in a closet ever since.

Since then, I decided I would be doing more touring overseas, for which I needed a travel touring bike (with couplers so it can be disassembled and taken on planes easily). So I commissioned a new bike, and had most of the drivetrain from the Bruce Gordon put on it.

What I have left is the following:

  • Bruce Gordon steel frame, 53cm
  • Bruce Gordon steel fork
  • Bruce Gordon steel stem (threaded)
  • Shimano XT Bottom Bracket
  • Cane Creek 110 EC30 Classic Headset
  • Handlebars (not sure of the make, but they are good quality alloy bars)
  • Wheels: Mavic A719 touring rims, 700c, 36-spoke; Shimano XT hubs; Shimano XT skewers
  • Shimano Cantilever brakes
  • Front cable hanger, seat tube collar

I am 5'10" with average proportions, and the bike fits me perfectly.

The bare frame cost $1800 when I bought it; I'm selling it with wheels and other parts, so I feel this is a fair price.

For info about Bruce and his bikes, take a look at his (now mostly defunct) web page: Nothing is better than a bike that fits

Here's some photos: