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    I'm a noob and just learning about proper hydration/food, etc. I bonked the other day on a 40 miler in moderate temps (75+) from dehydration. Only had one bottle and just didn't recognize the symptoms to see it coming. Did the same ride again today with 2 bottles and a couple of KIND bars. Temps up a bit, but no problems. All I ever used so far is water, but my rides so far have all been under 3 hours.

    It's really great to read about all the available options and what different things work for people! Thanks!

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    Bottom line; (generally speaking) <1.5 hrs H2O is fine. >2 hrs, you need to eat or drink some carbs, the longer/harder you ride, the more you need.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mjdwyer23 View Post
    Water in one, gatorade-lite in the other.
    Water in one, energy drink in the other is the best combo

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    rides under 2 hours water/water rides over 2 hours water/gatorade

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    Yesterday I did a 2hr ride (in ~100F temperatures) while carrying nothing (no water or food). I headed out planning to gon on a quick "45 minute" ride but felt unusually good so rode much furuther away from home than initially plannd. Shortly after turning around (2x as far away as planned) I realized my mistake, lol. I sensed I was about to crash hard and limped back home super slow (I didn't actually bonk on the ride; I know what bonking feels like from my distance running days so I strategically reduced my effort on the way back)

    On days where I actually PLAN to go for 2 hours in triple-digit heat, I usually carry diluted Gatorade.

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    On rides under 50 miles, I usually just go with water in both bottles. On longer rides, I go with water in one and a mixture of 40% flat coke, 40% gatorade (or something similar) and 20% water. It may sound gross but I don't mind the taste and I find it works really well.

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