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    CygoLite Expilion 350 First Impression

    FedEx just dropped off the box. The light is being charged as I "speak". I commute 10 miles (one way) in the dark. I'm on city streets with only about a 2 mile section that's really dark but apparently I've developed a bit of night blindness hence the need for something brighter. I've been using a Planet Bike 1w Blaze & an older Cateye ? as a back-up. Taillights are Planet Bike SuperFlash & SuperFlash Turbo. I also have helmet-mounted Planet Bike f&r lights. I use my lights in flashing mode during the day. My wallet couldn't handle a more expensive light (I paid $95.00, free s&h). I did try my LBS first (I support them whenever possible) but they only had "be seen" lights in stock. I'll report in after using the new light soon.
    First impression; I charged the battery to full, didn't bother to see how long it took. Rode home last night. The "clamp" that goes on the handlebar is very solid and stays in place (I have 31.8 hbar). It goes on & comes off with relative ease but that's not a concern for me. The on/off switch is nice (rubbery almost) and features a blinking green light when in use. The faster it blinks, the lower the charge. The beam pattern is wide enough and far enough down the road that I could increase my speed from 10-13mph (w/old light) to 13-16mph without fear of outriding the light. I could swear that cars were more aware of me and gave me more room but that could just be a case of "new toy magic" (it's all in your head), we'll see. I used it in flash mode today when I rode to work in full sun. Cars seemed to notice me, going so far as to let me ride by before turning into my path. Overall, I'm happy with my purchase but only time will tell if it's durable and long-lasting.
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    Good info. Thanks for the review.

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