GPS Routes/Navigation on Extended Tours
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    GPS Routes/Navigation on Extended Tours

    Wondering how people are handling navigation on extended tours with GPS navigation and routes? Specifically, what do you do when you want to be flexible with the distance ridden each day and the end/start points canít be predetermined? Do you input one route for the total distance and just pick up the route each day where you left off? The reason I ask is that (with my Edge 800) I sometimes run into issues trying to join route midway through it. Sometimes I get a straight line guiding me back to the start point. Not allowing recalculation usually (always?) resolves that, but I also seem to lose my navigation prompts sometimes when I join a route mid-way along. Iím not sure, but it seems like the navigation prompt issue is also related to how the route was created since it doesnít seem like I always, necessarily lose the prompts in that situation.

    Does anybody have a good method they would like to share?

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    I've always found a GPS is great for telling you where you are and where you've been, but not so great at telling you where to go. I use them for work, but not on a bike.
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