I miss my old commute
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    I miss my old commute

    I've been at my new job since November 22nd. I still haven't had the chance to commute on my bicycle. It has taken some real planning and route scouting since the ride will be more than 30 miles (judging by my car odometer combined with Mapquest and the bike trail maps). I want to ride in tomorrow but it is a 50% chance to rain in the morning (no big deal) and probable thunderstorms in the afternoon (no thanks). I'll be taking the Capital Crescent Trail to Key Bridge, then Mt. Vernon Trail to Four Mile Run Trail. I still have about eight miles after I get off the trail. The last eight miles has more hills than the rest of the ride put together. They're going to kill me, particularly since I haven't been riding. The last three or four miles are on a very crappy road in terms of size and auto traffic.

    I've only ridden my bike twice since I started the job, plus once the day before I started. The day before I started the job I rode more than 50 miles while scouting the route. I made the same ride the next weekend.

    Tuesday I got up at 4am and rode from 4:30 until 5:45 (I have to leave for work a little after 6am). I was going to ride to work, but I decided against it since it was 20F. I ended up having cold feet because they were sweating, so if anyone has a suggestion to keep that from happening in those temperatures, let me know. Talcum powder, maybe? They were warm with AmFIB shoe covers until they got all sweaty.

    I get home from work fairly early, 4pm at the latest, but my house is like a black hole... once I go in, I can't get back out. A wife and four kids can have that effect. Otherwise, I would ride after work.

    Oh, well. I'll see what the forecast is in the morning and either try to ride to work or take another 4:30am ride, but I miss my old commute.

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    Whatever you do, be careful

    It is raining in Baltimore this morning, so I expect that you had more of the same. Whether you are commuting today or riding over the next few days, be extra careful. I drove this morning because I have some last minute shopping to do. The drivers out there are crazy -- I had two close calls in the car this morning in less than 15 minutes.

    Although I don't commute every day, I would miss it if I could not do it at all.

    Good luck with the new commute.
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    Yeah, I rode at 4:30am in the rain and had one close call. If not for the rain it would have been a great day to try the commute.

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