• 01-21-2007
    Looking for Kona Sutra info
    Any body out there own/tried the Kona Sutra touring bike? Any info or impressions, particularly weight since it is a steel frame would be appreciated.
  • 01-22-2007
    Somebody around here has one, check the archives. Here is a blog about a Canada - Argentina trip on one: http://makesomedaytoday.blogspot.com/

    There is also some discussion on the touring list at http://search.bikelist.org/

    If I had 1500 to drop on a new road/touring bike, it would be on my short list.
  • 01-22-2007
    I think I can help.
    I rode one last year for a few months, it was a great bike. Very versatile, it can be geared, singlespeed, CX tires, road tires, racks, fenders, etc. Stock, the bike is not that heavy and the disc brakes are a nice touch. I had a WTB 44c tire in the back, it was a super tight fit, but it did fit, so you can pretty much run whatever you want. I even took it trail riding a few times, did great. Tons of braze-ons and a frame pump mount as well.

    I'd say go for it, especially for the price.
  • 01-23-2007
    I have one, and in general, I like it. The Sutra works well as a four weather commuter, with full fenders and disk brakes. I'm not sure how it would work as a touring bike. For light touring it should work fine, but for full on touring, maybe not. That being said, I donít ride it often enough and Iím running out of room in my garage, so Iím thinking about selling it. I live in the Seattle area if anybody is interested in taking a look.