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    Shed bikes

    I just bought a 1978 Motobecane road bike from a guy for 50 dollars. He said it had been stored in his shed or garage for the majority of its life. I want to turn this into my commuter bike to school. I bought fenders, clips, and a new saddle so far. Is there anything else I sould look to replace? He said he replaced the tires and brakes already. What about a new seat post or handle bars? I am looking to save money, but not over personal safety. Will 30 year old bars and seat post still be rideable? Has anyone heard of the Motobecane label and are they good bikes? Thanks.


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    Older French bikes

    had their own threads and unique sizes. Not so hard to come by in 1978, but a bit harder today. When it comes time to service the headset and bottom bracket, be sure not to toss anything. Disassemble, repack with a qualilty lube and reassemble. Don't plan on replacing unless absolutely necessary.

    If the bike has been kept dry all these years, everything should be ok. I'd recommend only replacing brake cables and housing for safety. Check the tires carefully, even unused old tires can rot.

    Other than that, just do a visual inspection prior to every ride, just as you would a new bike.

    You have a cool retro bike. Post some pics on the retro forum and those retro dudes will be able to offer up even more info on your bike.
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    Grease may not be greasy any more.

    I got a Bridgestone almost that old and man was the grease dry. Pedals, hubs and bottom bracket all needed cleaning and regreasing to turn at all well. Other changes were optional and based on having nicer stuff sitting in boxes, but the old grease had to go!
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