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    Spring is running late !

    March saw us get 40+ inches of snow but with plenty of rain the last week and a half and a bright sun most has melted. So today we wake up to some snow and my plan to ride the road bike was put on hold. Not in the mode break her down and clean her after a wet ride. So it's off to my winter playground and get the 29 plus bike all dirty. Lots of trees down from the high winds we had the other day and hikers out and about on the trails.

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    We had some roof damage from that same storm. As soon as it stops snowing, it looks like I'll need to get up on the roof before riding.
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    Finally back to bike commuting this week. Yesterday was clear, a bit chilly and windy, on the whole excellent. Today, chill damp: about 35 F, drizzling with a few snowflakes mixed in. Still felt great to be back on the bike.
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