They paved paradise...

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  • 06-30-2020
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    They paved paradise...
    ...and put up a MUT... :)

    Not too far from me there is a nature trail that runs for miles. It is mostly hard packed dirt with that sand/gravel on top (like, the smallest gravel you can get before it becomes sand) that makes a deeply satisfying crunching sound under 32c tires as you roll along.

    It had been a while since I had ridden the trail, and before that was a rainy spring which quickly turns it into a mud pit. But today was dry and I decided to give it a go... only to discover that after the first 200 yards or so of the dirt/gravel, they have now paved the trail. Don't get me wrong, it is beautifully smooth new concrete, but I am going to miss the unpaved trail.

    What good is a gravel bike if they keep taking away all the gravel? :)
  • 06-30-2020
    I'd have to drive an hour to even find a gravel road around here.
  • 07-05-2020
    I feel your pain Opus. A little over two years ago, they finally finished the missing link to our Foothills Parkway. The project was started decades ago, then stalled thru the 1990s and 2000s. During that time it was a great gravel ride. 700 foot ascent, then 400 ft down, then back up 1,100 feet and crossing over the unfinished bridges. You could then bushwhack to get to the last descent. Granted, this is now an incredibly awesome climb to road ride - we have no lack of incredible road riding around here, but our gravel choices are somewhat limited.