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Thread: Umm... yeah.

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    Umm... yeah.

    Given the source, ( I'm hoping this is wrong, or at least exaggerated...

    "A texting motorist who slammed into a bicyclist and injured his spine told police she has some regrets—about the dents in her car.

    According to phone records, 21-year-old Kimberley Davis was texting with seven different phone numbers as she drove her vehicle through Koroit, a small town in western Victoria, Australia. Local police say she used her phone behind the wheel 44 times during the trip.

    Around 7:20 pm, she struck a bicyclist from behind, apparently failing to see the warning lights that he had placed on the front and back of his bike. Although she called emergency responders, the cyclist said she refused to render him assistance and left him lying on the side of the road.

    According to the Standard, she also had some choice statements for responding police.

    "I just don't care because I've already been through a lot of bullshit and my car is like pretty expensive and now I have to fix it."

    "I'm kind of pissed off that the cyclist has hit the side of my car. I don't agree that people texting and driving could hit a cyclist. I wasn't on my phone when I hit the cyclist."
    Davis was fined $4,500 and lost her license for nine months. In addition to some minor injuries, the cyclist suffered a spinal fracture requiring surgery and the use of a spinal cage."

    Stay safe out there, folks.
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    My gf's sister is a rabid texter and driver. But if I'm in the car with her, I make sure she's not texting, openly tell I don't feel safe and or safe for other drivers. But I know when I'm not there she's probably texting every 20 seconds.

    I'm not sure why people HAVE to text while driving. Do their friends really think OMG she's dead, she hasn't replied in 20 minutes!

    But it doesn't surprise me there are people who value cars over human life. I live in the US... I live in a country that values money and commodities over millions of lives not just one. I live in a nation that believe the right of a millionaire to award himself millions in bonuses by laying off thousands of jobs and refusing to pay taxes. Apparently if he paid workers fair wages, wasn't allowed to fire people so he can give himself a bonus or pay his taxes, I'd be living in a horrible 3rd world socialist nation, and I'm a communist. Ironically those nations may have overall better education system, health and quality of life. Look at my greedy and immoral nation's national debt! They only live in the now and decided, who cares, f**k our children, they can deal with the results of irresponsibility, paranoia and greed.

    I also live in a nation that cyclist death is inconsequential. You don't get charged for killing a cyclist here. You only maybe get charged for leaving the scene of a crime, you won't have your license revoked and out on $5K bail. I think if you hit a human being, you have demonstrated without a doubt you are a danger to others, unfit to drive. And if you kill someone, that should be automatic 15-20 years prison for manslaughter. But no... it's always the cyclist that was at fault, the cyclist is the enemy and the driver slaying cyclist is the victim.

    I am not surprised by anything related to cyclist death or accident via vehicular mayhem.

    When a cyclist in your area is injured or killed by a motorist, make an extra effort the next day to go for a ride.It doesn't have to be an organized ride, or even a long ride. Hell, ride a 15 minute loop around your neighborhood if you want.

    Just be seen riding your bike.

    Do it to make people aware we're out there. Do it to honor a fellow traveler. Do it because you're lucky enough to still be able to.
    You would think this would work. It's a nice gester. But no matter how many cyclists are on the road, I don't think drivers care. They still get angry, but cyclists get back on after getting his, we're not going anywhere. They just don't get it, driving cyclists off the road isn't going to stop them. Killing them won't stop them either, it's a growing sport, not a declining one.
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    my ex girl was really a trouble back in the days. She forces me to let her drive and she had this freaky habit of using her phone while driving. I don't know why she always thought that she is a driver and can use her phone easily while driving. As she doesn't need any help. Anyways, she drove the car on a side rail. Now strangled in that side rail, we had no option left but to call either new york towing or any friend. Calling friend could be a bad idea as how much it could get we don't know, and same we were thinking for the towing service but riteway proved us wrong.

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