Vancouver morning commute... in words. Jan 4th, '04
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    Vancouver morning commute... in words. Jan 4th, '04

    I know pictures are the preferred "art" medium here, and word art doesn't quite receive the appreciation (understandably, as it gets kind of lost in all the other words), but i felt like contributing to the daily commute series and didn't have my camera today. I hope it doesn't sound too pretentious :-)


    7:22 a.m., Vancouver morning. Winter is finally settling in with that eerie combination of clearly beautiful days and the biting ocean front air. You are standing at the window in the corner of your living room looking at the white Honda out front your neighbor drives. It is usually black. The frost is thick, clinging tightly to the grass and playground equipment across the way. Fortunately not the roads are not quite so inclined. The thermometer reads –3 degrees, but thankfully, Canada went metric in 70s.

    Today is a full metal jacket kind of day. All those winter sports clothes that have collected over the years found their way out of the various boxes only half unpacked. The wool jersey warming the indispensable rain jacket, the windproof tights that haven’t seen use in years, and the new shoe covers with equally new warm gloves. You can’t help but wonder if the f.m.j. is up for today’s ride in. Sure, you look the part, but are those fingers and toes really going to stay warm? And even more, are you really going to stay upright?

    Only one way to find out.

    Your Bianchi, your commuting friend, is happy to be back out after it’s long hiatus. Swinging your leg over the seat, settling into that relaxingly familiar position, you push off into the days adventure. Down the road, merging into traffic… which seems light this time of morning. Eyeing the glistening intersection, you take the first left gently, feeling out the road, the bike, and your automotive neighbors. So far, so good; so up the hill.

    Slip… slip… slip…

    Yeah, you might want to stay seated on those icy climbs. The road, however icy, brings no more surprises for the rest of the ride in. Spinning those easy circles, you just sit back to enjoy the minty air pinching your cheeks and nose; every once in a while looking back to see what kind of mark you’ve left in the frost. Perhaps appropriately, not much of one. The f.m.j.? You are an impenetrable fortress of good weather planning.

    A good bike, a good morning, a good day…

    Every commute is a good commute.

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    Right on with the FMJ.

    Very nice post Damon,

    Doughnuts go great with coffee, but so does a good post like this.

    I feel pretty good when I gear up for weather and I end up being toasty or atleast not freezing my assos off on the way to work. I always take a look out of my bedroom window, on the 2nd floor to see if the streets are wet, frosted, etc.... It's funny how you develope a routine and follow it so religously without even trying. My routine is always the same in the morning. I lay out my gear the night before, wake up in the morning, shower come back to my room, look out the window, get dressed, drink a tall glass of water in the kitchen and walk out the front door. I'm getting off the subject, but, what I meant was that I can relate to how you look out of your window there...

    Also, I felt as though you were telling my story as well...I ride a Bianchi fixed gear and I know what you mean when you were talking about going through intersections that are usually jammed up with automobiles. It's nice to slip right through in the morning.

    Great post; you clearly don't need photos to make a great post, such as this.

    urban photography

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    Nice job!

    Excellent report. Like RB said: with good writing photos aren't necessary.

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