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Thread: 105 group kits?

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    105 group kits?

    Does anyone know where to purchase 105 groups online? I'm trying to gather parts for a cyclocross build but I can only find DA and Ultegra offered in groups... which I guess would make it easier to justify Ultegra !!

    I've tried pieceing a 105 group together from individual parts but it still comes close to a Ultegra package. But I'm not looking for a whole build kit, just drive train mostly.

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    Supergo listed the 105 group in their last mail order catalog, but I couldn't find it on their website. The price difference between the 105 group and the Ultegra was small, too. You might just try calling Supergo. Call Excelsports too, as they often have stuff that they don't list.

    If you're set on 105, you might try ebay. Some of the ebay merchants will dump NOS 105 stuff from time to time, and you could probably piece a complete group together with some patience.

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    Sure you don't want to go with Campy

    The only place I could find that had 105 stuff was www.performancebike.com
    they offer a 105 uprade kit which includes shifters, rear derailleur, cassette and chain for $229.00

    I didn't see it offered as a whole kit but they have all the components for you to order separately. I did a basic calculation and through them if you ordered everything (cranks(you save a little if you go double 89.00 to 129.00 for tripple) shifters f/r derailleurs ultegra cassette and your looking at about $442.00 total.

    Hope that helps I'll keep searching if I spot something I' let you know.

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    Cheap 105 Crank

    I hear you're looking for 105 components...Check out My Site There is a crankset listed here for sale. The 105 group is a solid component line from Shimano. Good luck with everything, Dave

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    Here's a good Search site for biking goodies....

    [QUOTE=asterisk]Does anyone know where to purchase 105 groups online?


    Be careful and read the list of components offered in the Group....sometimes they leave out some item(s)...

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