10speed Dura Ace & Campy Record Compatibility
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    10speed Dura Ace & Campy Record Compatibility

    Hi I was just wondering whether anyone has used a campy record wheel with the 2004 dura ace. Here's my situation, my team provides me with a time trial disk however they all have campy cogs, i was wondering whether anyone knows whether i will be able to ride it for a 20km TT i don't care if the shifting is a little crappy i just want to know whether it will run and not skip all over the place

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    you can ride it..

    and the shifting will be a little crappy. Shimano spacing is 3.95mm and Campy's is 4.12mm.

    This same old story has been covered a hundred times. Adjust the derailleur to center as best you can in the middle of the cassette and the shifting will get progressively worse at either end, due to the derailleur undershifting.

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