6 and 7 Speed SIS Compatible Chains
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    SG Chainrings, 6 and 7 Speed SIS Compatible Chains

    For vintage 6 and 7 speed Shimano SIS drivetrains (105 and Ultegra in my case), are SG Chainrings compatible or do I need to find standard chainrings for these old systems. I am getting rid of the Biopace rings that the bike came with.

    I assume I'd have to go SG-A 53 tooth with the SG 42 too ring, per widely available guidance from the internet.

    If the SG rings are compatible, do folks have any preferences on still-available chains for these old six and seven speed SIS systems / Uniglide?

    Vintage bike work in progress...looking for options. :-)

    Thanks in advance.
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    No advice on the chainrings but I have a variety of bikes in Campy 6 through 8 speed (friction and indexed) and use mostly KMC 8 speed chains - Z72 and X8 (I think) that work nicely. One or two bikes have SRAM 8 speed chains. Many of my vintage bike buddies use the same on their Shimano rigs. The KMC are usually around $10-12 and come with a removable master link.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mml373 View Post
    ....... I am getting rid of the Biopace rings that the bike came with......
    Wow, I didn't think there were any of those still around. Didn't they abandon Biopace something like 30 years ago?

    But, yeah, I'd think that at least any 8-sp ring would work. A lot of the 'newer' rings would probably look out of place, though.

    I've had good results with 8-sp SRAM chains with 7-sp hyperglide, but not so much with Uniglide (which, IMHO, is an inferior system). At this point, Uniglide stuff is so ancient that cogs are almost unavailable now. A switch to a Hypeglide cassette would be a HUGE improvement, and wouldn't really change the bike's 'period correct' aspect.
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    I bought SRAM 7spd chains for my 2 Uniglide SIS rides. I have tested various combos using the 9+ spd "A" and "B" rings as well as older rings. They shift fine though the edge goes to the recent rings with the shift pin on the big ring when using 9spd+ chains.

    The 979 Vitus has a full 600EX driveline: 52T and 40T 600EX era rings, 13-19 or 13-21 600EX freewheel, 600EX FD and 600EX RD with the mentioned SRAM 7spd chain. One other aspect is to allow for the slightly narrower chain so the front derailleur may involve a bit more travel to initiate the shifts.

    The 7800 equipped Atala has the 600EX crankset with 600EX era 41T and 52 SG-A chainrings. An odd combo though works nicely.

    (I didn't like the 42-52 stock combos back in the day so bought a variety of 38-41 rings to try. The Suntour Superbe Pro 38 ring was to small, the chain would contact the spider on Shimano cranks. ) The nostalgia of going through the old parts. ;)

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