Is a 9 speed chain compatible with 8 speed cassette?
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    Is a 9 speed chain compatible with 8 speed cassette?

    Will the Shimano HG-93 9speed chain work with an 8speed HG cassette? I want a thinner chain to reduce chain rub on the large chain wheel.

    Any other suggestions for chain's?

    Current set up
    Ultegra 9speed RD
    Ultegra 9speed FD
    Ultegra 6500 cranks
    Ultegra 6500 BB
    HG 8 speed 12-23 Cassette
    105 130mm hub on Mavic CXP 14 rim
    Ultegra 600 8speed lever/shifters

    This is on an old aluminum peugot with 125mm dropouts.

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    the short answer is yes. This is in exchange for shorter life-span. Looking at your setup, all you need is shifters and Cassette to go nine speed. Just take the plunge, now that a lot of people are lusting after the 10 speed you would have no problem finding relatively cheap nine speed shifters. Cassettes are not really expensive items unless u want custom made Ti or sth.
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