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    Anyone ever seen one of these in real life?

    ...specifically looking for the 25mm setback aluminum seatpost, that is new and totally different than what Thomson has done before.

    Did Thomson decide not to go forward with this?

    Anyone know??


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    It's not on their site nor does QBP have them. Guessing they never produced them.
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    I remember seeing something long ago that they had problems with the setback post breaking during testing. The most recent update in this mtbr thread says this summer.

    New Thomson set-back seat post release date?-

    I used a mix of Thomson and 3T posts in the past, with creaking problems from 3T, but no problems from Thomson other than not being the quickest/easiest to adjust. I've moved to Fikiz posts since with no problems.

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    I looked up the Fizik Cyrano R5. The Cannondale C3 seatpost has a very similar clamp design with that nice adjustment wheel, but less expensive and without the trendy, hip Fizik name.
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