Anyone switch brakes - front>r, back>left
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    Anyone switch brakes - front>r, back>left

    I don't know who decided that the front brake should be activated on the left, and the back on the right, but I am thinking of changing my setup next time I change cables, and I'm wondering if anyone else has done this and if you are happy with the result. I guess like most people I use my right hand to grab water bottles,but I use the left to eat on the bike, so those operations sort of cancel each other out. I notice that my left seems stronger, and it seems to be more naturally in control of the bars than the right. Therefore, I'm thinking that I'd prefer to have the back brake on the left so if I grab it in an emergency it will slow the bike a bit more gradually from the rear, instead of that spooky feeling that comes when the front gets activated a bit too hard and the handeling gets a bit squirrely. Any thoughts?
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    If you'd like it that way, by all means set it up that way. Be prepared to confuse yourself the first few times you make a panic stop, and be careful if you ride other's bikes.

    Have you seen Sheldon Brown's article on the subject? He'd likely come to a different answer than you, but reading his thoughts might help you work through if this is what you really want or not.
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    I drank Sheldon's Kool-Aid several years ago on my first hand-me-down road bike -- couldn't decide if it gave me more braking power or not, so I switched it back. Bought a new bike a year and a half ago, and stuck with the traditional setup for the first year. When I replaced the cables, I decided to give right=front another chance. This time (with the better brakes of the new bike), I have bought in to Sheldon's philosophy. I really do feel like I have better control and braking power, and I now rely almost exclusively on my front brake.

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