• 07-05-2020
    AXS Force Bleeding Worn Pads
    So I bled my brakes once since I built the bike back in September ( Pre Covid ).
    I was able to get it so that my lever would make contact sooner.

    This time I made sure the Contact point was turned all the way counter clockwise. I think the SRAM Video shows to do that.

    Bled the rear brakes with SRAM Pro Bleeding Edge Syringes.
    After bleeding the rear brake, it seems that there is no improvement to the lever contact point. There is just about the same play as before.

    Aren't the Brakes supposed to self adjust & use the resevoir to compensate for wear? Or is it that my pads are worn to the point that they need replacing.
    It looks to me that I should have a little more use out of the pads, or does SRAM make the brakes so that you don't get the full use out of the pads before they go limp?
  • 07-07-2020
    We can't tell if your pads have any life left without seeing them. When you say "full use", do you mean worn down to the metal?
  • 07-18-2020
    Not to the metal, but about 60-75%. Actually they are a little better than I 1st anticipated.
    But still a lot of play for my liking. With what brake material is left, I feel like I should get at least another couple of months. Otherwise it would mean that people don't get as much use from their brake pads has they would have expected since pads are to be replaced sometime between 50% - 75% wear
  • 07-18-2020
    How did you bleed the brakes? Did you use the method SRAM recommends ending w/ the lever?