big drop drop-bars
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    big drop drop-bars

    christmas is coming and i thought i'd upgrade my handlebars. can anyone recommend bars that have a big drop and reach? i currently have giant's connect sl 42cm/ drop: 135mm / reach 90mm

    i want to get lower on my bike and extend my reach, i already have a stem that is long and drops quite a bit so any more drop and reach have to come from the handlebars

    i was originally looking at the 3T zefiro bars as i race ITU triathlons and they seemed great; a bit more reach but then i noticed the drop was 112mm....

    i like the idea of having flat tops to rest my elbows on and have clip on aerobars coming from the bottom of my tops but this would just be an extra feature. i mainly need the big drop and longer reach

    budget? well i was willing to buy the 3t zefiros so you get the picture


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    Oval R950 - 150mm drop

    Oval R950 Carbon Drop Road Bar | Buy Online |

    Also Deda Newton Classic 31 -145mm drop

    there was also the Ritchey WCS Classic Deep Drop ( 144mm ) but good luck finding it.

    myself I prefer the Rotundos with 139mm drop
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    Road Drop Bar Geometry : La Rueda Tropical

    It's a little dated, but can still point you in the right direction.

    Oh, and "deep" drops, are what you're looking for.

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    Deda Newton Deep: lots of reach and lots of drop

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    Quote Originally Posted by Salsa_Lover View Post
    Oval R950 - 150mm drop
    The classic Cinelli 66 is 158mm deep measured center-to-center with 87mm of reach.

    there was also the Ritchey WCS Classic Deep Drop ( 144mm ) but good luck finding it.
    That's a half inch short of deep drop.

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    Syntace Racelite--161mm of drop and 112mm of reach. Headwinds are my friends.

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